Welcome to
Sotira Farm

Relax in our beautiful countryside,
discover local traditions and enjoy

the best food.

Experience Albania.


Perfect relaxation
for all visitors

Our farm is located in Germenj-Shelegur National Park, surrounded by the pure and almost untouched forests of south-eastern Albania. At an altitude of 1,000 metres, the cleanliness of the local nature can be seen in the tracks of wild animals like bear, wolf, pig and deer deep in the forests. But don’t worry - these animals keep their distance.

Something for everyone

A range of activities are available every day. Ride a horse or learn to cook. Alternatively, don’t do anything at all and just be. :-)

Horse riding

Learn to ride a horse and go exploring in the saddle. We will be happy to teach you.


Inhale warm air (aerosol) enriched with propolis, royal jelly, beeswax and pollen from a beehive.


You will enjoy all conveniences and supreme comfort in the middle of a wilderness.


Do you like adventure? Then forget about comfortable cabins and sleep here in a tent! 

Food courses

We will teach you how to prepare traditional Albanian specialties.


Try your hand at looking after bees, horses or a garden. 

Coming with us?

After you fill in the form, we will contact you and together we will plan your trip from A to Z.

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